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WHITE NIGHT "Valod sild sird"


Event will be in the courtyard of the Pharmacy Museum, Riharda Vagnera Street 13, as part of the "White Night".

19:00 TS KAPNES poetry performance in the Libyan dialect ''Language warms the heart'', director - Kārlis Knospinņš

(the poetry composition was created with Heli Lāksonena's poems written in the south-western dialect of Finland, versified in the Latvian language in the Libyan dialect by Guntars Godiņš)

20:15 Short film ''Doping Affected'' produced by the Latvian Anti-Doping Agency, director - Dāvids Ernstreits

21:00 Poetry readings - "Free Microphone"

(everyone will have the opportunity to read their own or a favorite author's poetry)

The abstract events of the performance "Valod sild sird" take place in a white space outside the boundaries of reality, against a muted background depicting a magnificent adventure that covers the cycle of four seasons. Just like the passage of time and the search for the warmth of people's hearts, this carousel has neither a definite beginning nor an end. Introducing the viewer to some transcendental, but at the same time side-by-side stage, a story about the importance of mother tongue, environment and self-knowledge is revealed. «Valod sild sird» is a production as a poetry composition.

During the event, there will be an opportunity to watch the short film "Affected by Doping" made by the Latvian Anti-Doping Agency (LAB). With this film, LAB draws attention to the fact that doping is not only a problem for sports, but also a public health problem, especially emphasizing the risk of contamination of nutritional supplements, which can lead to an unknowing violation of anti-doping rules

Exhibition "The Splendours and Miseries of stimulants"

On view from 18.05.2022. through 30.04.2023.

The exhibition is dedicated to plant-based and synthetic tonic remedies and their effect on human health, focusing particularly on the adverse consequences of excessive use. It features a selection of historical restorative substances from the museum's collection, as well as a display of 21st-century food supplements. The botanical illustrations depict plants containing stimulating substances, like the cacao tree.

A separate section of the exhibition is dedicated to healthy sports without the use of stimulating substances. The exhibits include doping control equipment and a short video by the Latvian Anti-Doping Agency, entitled "An Athlete's Doping Control Procedure".

The exhibition was made in association with BENU Aptieka Latvija and Latvian Anti-Doping Agency.

Exhibition "Everything has its weight. To Weigh or Not to Weigh?"

On view from 18.05.2021. through 10.05.2022.

Open through 10 May 2022, the exhibition entitled "Everything has their weight. To Weigh or Not to Weigh?" presents an extensive collection of scales and weights from the collection of Pauls Stradiņš Museum of the History of Medicine - from centuries-old ones to modern devices.

Pharmacy is intrinsically connected with weighing, both in pharmaceutical research and production. Historical evidence shows that balance scales were the first to be used. Today, electronic digital scales are the most popular ones. Modern medical science deals with nanoparticles (one billionth of a number). Various areas of medicine and research require specialist scales of varying accuracy, depending on the type of scale and the weighed quantities. According to the accuracy, scales are divided into rough (up to 1 g accuracy), precision (up to 1-10 mg accuracy) and analytical scales (up to 0.1 mg accuracy). Every scale has its own set of standard masses (counterweights).